Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hey I'm Ruthie

Ok so this is my first blog , my spelling and punctuation isn't that great so bear with me.......

I have 10 siblings almost 11, the following list is of there names and ages

(I would go here)

And we're all home schooled. Kewl right .(btw I say kewl instead of cool)
 My parents are the greatest ever!!! My dad is the worship pastor at our church and my mom sings in the choir .  I  work in the tech booth the first and last month of the week, I work with our 3-5 yrs the second week of the month, and I sing in the choir the 3rd week of the month. it's really fun!!!

I love the Christmas season!

   We have to make all our christmas presents this year (and we don't do santa at all)  I am going to make something really kewl for my sister Johnna .She bought an I pad about a month ago so I am going to make an I pad case for her She loves steam punk so I am going to collage pictures of clocks and gears and other kewl steampunk stuffs and  use mod podge to stick it to the clear I pad case I bought an it will be awesome!!

                       Got to go finish my school bye


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