Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hi I am bad at labeling

Ok so any comments on this post I want them to be your favorite Bible verse and why it is your favorite verse.

 My favorite verse is Romans 8 :28 All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.    This is my favorite because  when things aren't going the way I planned if I think about it , it reminds me there is a reason for this going differently than I wanted .....

My three oldest siblings go to the highschool for two classes ROTC and one other class.....The ROTC had a Christmas dance planned , but for the first  time in 30 years the football team made it to state championships, so the dance got cancelled. Sooo instead we are having some kids over for a night of dance central and fruit ninja!!!                                                  

                                                                              ttyl bye
            P.S. Jesus loves you and so do I!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hey I'm Ruthie

Ok so this is my first blog , my spelling and punctuation isn't that great so bear with me.......

I have 10 siblings almost 11, the following list is of there names and ages

(I would go here)

And we're all home schooled. Kewl right .(btw I say kewl instead of cool)
 My parents are the greatest ever!!! My dad is the worship pastor at our church and my mom sings in the choir .  I  work in the tech booth the first and last month of the week, I work with our 3-5 yrs the second week of the month, and I sing in the choir the 3rd week of the month. it's really fun!!!

I love the Christmas season!

   We have to make all our christmas presents this year (and we don't do santa at all)  I am going to make something really kewl for my sister Johnna .She bought an I pad about a month ago so I am going to make an I pad case for her She loves steam punk so I am going to collage pictures of clocks and gears and other kewl steampunk stuffs and  use mod podge to stick it to the clear I pad case I bought an it will be awesome!!

                       Got to go finish my school bye